Resources of the fd Network

Shared Resources (Customers & Staff)

These Resources will require a Username and Password which would have been provided when your account was created

fd Network - File Server - The place to find centralised files you need fast
fd Network - NextCloud - Access your synchronised files from anywhere quickly
fd Network - WebMail [eMail Clients Only] - Access your eMail from anywhere quickly

Hosted Customer Resources

These Resources are available for Hosted Clients and will require the Username and Password of either your Administration Account, or a User Account created within the Hosting Panel

fd Network - Hosting Panel - The place to find centralised files you need fast
fd Network - Hosted File Manager - Access your Hosted Sites and Files from anywhere
fd Network - Hosted SQL Manager - Where to manage tables and the data held within our Databases
fd Network - Hosted Virtual Environment Manager - Set up Virtualised Appliances, Applications & Environments
fd Network - Hosted WebMail - Access your Hosted eMail from anywhere quickly
fd Network - Usage Statistics - Where to check the Usage of fd Network Services and Applications

Staff Resources

fd Network - Confluence - The place to find business resources and discussions
fd Network - CRM - The place to issue service and product orders & manage accounts
fd Network - Device Management - The place to enrol your device which enables Remote Management and Support
fd Network - Observium - Where to review Network Operations & Performance, as well as identify potential issues arising
fd Network - Software and Licensing - Where to find software installers and your licensing

General Resources

fd Network - News - Where to find the latest News and Events at the fd Network
fd Network - Networking Tools - Where to check DNS Results, IP Addresses, and Trace Routes
Google Analytics - Tools from Google to you quickly and easily track your site visitors
Google Webmaster Tools - Tools from Google to see how your site is viewed from Search Engines - Best Place to find HTML Character Codes - A Quick Resource to find HTML Colour Codes
W3Schools /php - The Best Place for starting off learning the basic ropes of PHP
W3Schools /sql - The Best Place to learn the basics of Structed Query Language for Databases (SQL)
W3Schools /html - The Best Place to learn the ropes of HTML

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