Phone IVR Upgrades

5th October, 2009 9:00AM

This bulletin details a Historical Event, and is kept for archival purposes only

The fd Network will be upgrading the Phone IVR on the following Numbers;
- 1300 884 386 (Main Number)
- 02 8011 1986 (Sydney Number)
- 02 4210 6268 (Wollongong Number)

This will allow the IVR to identify you quicker, and bring options more relevant to your account closer.

This will also mean that shortly you will be receiving your fd Network Account Details, including your Account Number, Authentication Code, and Username

By Identifying yourself with the Account Number and Authentication Code, you will be able to recieve up to the minute account details, and access relevant areas quicker than ever before

If you have any problems, contact fd Network Accounts on 1300 884 386
(fd Network Accounts is Option 1 followed by Option 4)

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