Closure of San Francisco Data Centre

22nd February, 2021 6:00PM

The fd Network has been advised that one of our suppliers will be closing the Data Centre used to provide services from San Francisco, which means that we'll be unable to continue services from SFO.

For our Hosting Customers, this will mean some changes to our environment and your hosting may be relocated to one of our other servers.

In summary;
- For those customers who are currently hosted from the SFO Hosting Server, your content (Web, Mail, Database and DNS) will be relocated to our SYD Server.
- For those who use our DNS Servers to broadcast their domain names, this will mean the removal of our quaternary (ns4) Name Server.

These changes will still provide for a primary (ns1), secondary (ns2) and tertiary (ns3) Name Servers and Mail Relays, which remain available for use.

In due course, we will be reaching out to assist all Hosted Customers individually to make changes to their Domain Registrations to assist in this transition.

For those who feel comfortable on making the changes on their own, they should go to their Domain Registrars Portal and update the nameservers for their Hosted Domain to;
- []
- []
- []

** Remove all references to [] **

The SFO Hosting Server will be brought offline effective as of Saturday 27th February 2021 at 12:30pm

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the fd Network on 1300 884 386 or

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