Infrastructure Refresh 2012

5th January, 2012 7:27PM

This bulletin details a Historical Event, and is kept for archival purposes only

The fd Network will be working to improve our systems infrastructure in the lead up to 2012, which will improve our services and allow for better systems resilience

As part of this initiative, there will be five key projects;
- Existing Servers will be upgraded to our 2012 Minimum Requirements
  (Completed as of 21/11/2011)
- Upgrades to User Interfaces on our Core Services
  (Completed as of 05/01/2012)
- Improvements to our Administration Tools for Staff and Customers
- Data will be migrated to new File Storage Devices
  (Completed as of 9/07/2012)
- New Servers will be commissioned into the network, replacing those which are not able to meet the Minimum Requirements
  (Completed as of 11/07/2012)

As there will be some works which will affect both Primary and Backup Systems, there will be some outage periods which will be advertised on our website

If you have any problems, please contact fd Network on 1300 884 386 or

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