Upgrades to fd Network Secured Services

20th February, 2016 4:11PM

This bulletin details a Historical Event, and is kept for archival purposes only

The fd Network has upgraded a number of secured services, as well as moving a number of services across to our secured server.

With the upgrades to our Secured Services, we're hoping that the improved reliability and new functionality will be a pleasant surprise. With more capacity and increased backup frequency being enabled within OwnCloud - you'll be able to store more of your important documents without worrying about your document safety.

We've also moved a number of services across to our HTTPS Web Server to reduce potential leakage of information, and improve your overall security when dealing with the fd Network. We still have some services to move across, however we don't expect any disruption from the upcoming changes.

We hope you enjoy these changes!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the fd Network on 1300 884 386 or reception@fdnetwork.com.au

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